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Golden gear Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd

Company Introduction

Golden Gear Sewing Machine CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of leather shoe sewing machines ,trunk&suitcase sewing machines ,garment sewing machines,ect. Taking ‘GOLDEN GEAR’ as its brand , the company has formed a modernized production line from invention , casting of original embroyo , spare par...


household sewing machine GS-2-1
High Speed Overlock Sewing Machine GS-737
Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine GS-8500
Zigzag Sewing Machine GS-271
Zigzag Sewing Machine GS-20U33
zigzag sewing machine GS-138
handle operated chainstitch embroidery sewing machine GY10-4
handle operated chain stitch embroidery sewing machine GY10-2
handle operated chainsttich embroidery sewing machine